June 11, 2021

A Good Traveler Leaves No Tracks
-Lao Tzu-

For some Christians, the goal of life is to sneak into heaven incognito and leave no tracks. This is not my goal. I want to leave tracks. I want to have made a difference and made a statement. I want to compel people to see Jesus in what I say and what I do. I want to bear testimony with my life and my lips. As Joe Aldrich said, "I want to proclaim both the music of the gospel and the message of the gospel.” This is not accomplished by my willing it, but by the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells me. (“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts.” Zech 4:6) It occurs as I surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide me, fill me, and direct me in all my decisions moment by moment, in whatever situation I am in and whomever I am with.

However, that does not mean everyone will be happy or receptive to what I say and do. Speaking the truth in love is not always received well. But if love is as Dr.John Mitchell said, "sincerely wishing God’s very best for someone else and doing what you can to see it come about,” then we must not be surprised that the world might not always like what we say.

I am not in the business of keeping a salvation score or counting conversions. In fact, it is not about me it is about Him. But what I do know is that I do not want to preach what people want to hear, but what they cannot live without. Is that not what Paul desired when he proclaimed his purpose? ... That I might present every man complete in Christ. (Col. 1:28).

Serving Him with you
until He comes for us,

June 4, 2021

To Be Persuasive, We Must Be Believable;
To Be Believable
We Must Be Credible; To Be Credible,
We Must Be Truthful 
~ Edward R. Murrow ~

I am teaching a summer seminary course on Christian Apologetics where students are learning how to defend their faith. We can defend our faith defensively by explaining why we believe what we believe. We can also defend our faith offensively by asking others to explain why they believe what they believeWe all have assumptions and presuppositions. The question is - are they rational and reasonable? Do they provide an explanation for what is possible, plausible, or perhaps probable?

As Jesus did, we must also be able to flex three muscles simultaneously - Compassion, Courage, and Conviction. This is what creates credibility. All of this does not take away from the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people we are talking with. But remember, there is no premium for stupidity in the Christian faith. We are to be disciplined in our efforts to be believable and we are to be dependent on the Lord to draw people to Himself.

It seems like most Christians have a goal in life of being able to sneak into heaven incognito. I trust that is not your goal. Summertime brings a change of pace and allows us to see a variety of people. Are you ready “to make a defense of the hope that is in you?” 

If you are not sure where to start, then let me suggest you engage in the most powerful action you as a Christian can do; pray to the Lord and ask Him to lead you and guide you to someone who needs to know Him.

If you do that, do not be surprised if you find yourself busy this week!

Serving Him with you
until He comes for us,