May 29, 2020

What Now America?
The greatness of America is legendary, but it is being challenged and perhaps changed. American Greatness is in need of serious qualification. America has been known for its creativity, courage and its entrepreneurial spirit. It prided itself on its physicality exhibited in its creation of an infrastructure of bridges, highways, railroads, and airways. Its prowess was also manifested in the Spirit of Sports.

The creation of its institutions and intellectual life provides evidence of an advanced culture. This was the America that produced politicians and statesmen like Jefferson and Lincoln, poets such as Eliot, Whitman, Frost, and Poe and novelists the likes of Melville, Fitzgerald, and Steinbeck. Scientists like Edison and Salk and social commentators, Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and Charles Krauthammer.

Today we are looking a bit shabby, our bright light has been dulled and things are feeling a bit dreary. It is not simply the arrival of the Wuhan virus. It is the dry rot that comes from abandoning our beginnings and our source of sustenance. We have aborted our original biblical world view which formed our social and ethical commitments.  We are perhaps like a freshly cut flower: the sparkle is visible, but it is beginning to dwindle. Soon it will wilt and then it will die.

Once to every man and nation comes a moment to decide
In the strife of truth with falsehood for the good or evil side:
with each choice God speaking to us offering each the bloom or blight
then the man or nation chooses for the darkness or the light.
~James Russell Lowell~

Shall we pray.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,