September 23, 2022

These are times that try men’s souls.

-Thomas Paine-

If you are a Christian, you are aware that we are living in times that are trying our souls. The reason is, we understand the convulsions of history. We remember the “Brown Shirts” of Hitler, the “Black shirts” of Mussolini, and the “Red Book” of Mao, all symbols of fascism and a brutal draconian power over the populace. All these movements were facilitated through the migration of meaning through mediums. We call it the Press.

For many years the liberal assault - aka Woke- has been behind the scenes. But now we understand that they have captured our schools - not only universities that gave up actual education for socialistic indoctrination many years ago, but now they want our children and the complete education system including filling our elementary school libraries with moral filth. They also wish to destroy the church by convincing people that it is irrelevant and superfluous. They also want to convert people to the conclusion that the church is dangerous. Today Christianity is portrayed as mysticism or mental illness if not outright madness or a danger to a successful modern society. 

Today the Black Shirts go by the name ANTIFA and PEN-America. They are free to roam the streets of Oregon and Washington as thugs or control the libraries of our children’s schools. They direct newsrooms, and board rooms, and the halls of government buildings. I am afraid we are watching the loss of our sovereignty, our solvency, our stability, and unfortunately our spirituality.

The apostle Paul faced his own form of brown shirts and black shirts in the form of the Roman government, the Praetorian Guard, and the misdirected self-absorbed mob. How did Paul teach the early church to respond to its corrupt culture: Prepare for a government overthrow or provide a faithful presence immersed in prayer?

"The men of Issachar understood the times in which they lived and knew what to do.” Do you?

Serving Him with you

until He comes for us,